(336) 813-2366


Marian & Jeff Carson
104 Oak Leaf Lane

Ginger handled our transactions professionally and in a timely manner. She went above and beyond what was expected.

…we didn’t have to do much, Ginger had all the paperwork in order and all we had to do was read it and sign it. We are also out of state buyers but with her assistance there were no issues and things went very quickly and smoothly.

Ginger will work with you to get the job done. She kept us in the loop during the entire process and never left us wondering what was going on or when something was needed. We trust Ginger 100% and would not hesitate to use her for future transactions…we’d like to use her to purchase properties in other states…that’s how much we like her! She Rocks!

The fact that we did all the paperwork through the internet using e-mail and faxes. We did not have any communications with Ginger through telephone or in person. It was a pleasure to have met her 4 months after we purchased the house. We came to visit the house on our vacation.



Sarah & Keith Moore
130 Hickory Creek Ct. (Seller) / 138 Hush Hickory Trace (Buyer)

I’ve already referred her…my stepfather is using her to assist in buying a new town home. Every day we talked and I would ask… “Have you sold our house yet?”… The deal was done in less than a month.

She’s awesome. Stayed on top of things. I definitely felt the “Ginger Love” as she was selling our house. Look forward to having her at Closing when our next house is finished.

Something funny, After spending weeks trying to decide on a house plan for our new house to build, Ginger suggested taking a look at the model we were standing in at the time and that’s the plan we are building now. Go figure!!!


Ken Tippett
1472 Concrete Works Rd.

Ginger was always on top of what the Buyers were looking for, expecting & most of all, things that they were concerned with. I was always able to get a step ahead of taking care of things that Buyers were expecting me to take care of. Often, these were things I just took for granted. Most of all, I never had any problem getting a hold of her. In this day of automation, that was a welcome relief.

“will be totally honest, I dreaded the thought of going through the selling process long before I put my house on the market. Once Ginger took over, she did just that, she took over. Yes, it is sometimes hard to justify within yourself paying the commissions that come with the use of a Realtor. But, the number of people exposed to the house through advertisement & the number of times the house has to be shown, not to mention the people called for odd jobs & paperwork, it doesn’t take long to appreciated being relieved of all of this.

She’s going to be honest with you, even if it’s something you didn’t want to hear. I thought my house was close to perfect. If Ginger had kept letting me think that, I wouldn’t be filling out this questionnaire.


Bob & Donna Doyle
203 Kanah Drive

She is a great Agent.  The best we have had the pleasure of working with.  She is a dedicated Agent who would not steer you wrong.

Ginger is an Agent that you can trust to do a great job!

Wally & Renee Rogers
578 Grove Park Lane

She heard what we needed, where we wanted it, and when we needed our home – she only showed us 2 houses and the second was our winner! It was the easiest home buying experience so far. Ginger was great and our closing was quick and professional.

She will find your next home. Don’t hesitate to call her with any questions you may have, if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll get it! Still, 5 months later I feel I could still call with any questions or concerns.

I not only gained a great Agent but also a friend for life! When we buy/sell…Ginger will be there!

Chuck & Christy Spicer
104 Oak Leaf Lane (Seller) / Grove Park Lane (Buyer)

Ginger Berrier is terrific.  Ginger is the best real estate agent we have ever worked with.

Wonderful Experience…Our home was sold with in 3 weeks and Ginger helped us through the entire experience. I was very impressed how professional Ginger handled herself and how dedicated she is to her profession…very professional and always had our best interest while selling our home.  I recommend Ginger to anyone looking to sell or buy a home.

Ginger is AWESOME.  She is very helpful and has great insight with the home market.  She represents her clients in a professional manor and is the best at selling or buying your home!

Kelly & Darrien Horton
3307 Stavanger Court

I felt Ginger was very straightforward when we visited houses and that was definitely a plus for us, as we were first time buyers and did not have a clue what we needed to be on the lookout for.

It was so much fun going to look at houses and Ginger was very flexible to our schedule.  She is a joy to work with, very personable, and knows what she is doing.

I felt like we were her only clients (although I know that wasn’t true), and I truly felt she wanted to help us find the home best suited to our needs.
Ginger had foot surgery during the time we were trying to find a house.  Kudos to her, because she went looking at houses with us while she was on crutches.  That is a devoted real estate Agent in my opinion.

Chip Williams
1546 Hawthorne Road

Ginger was recommended to me by several people.  She understands people busy schedules and was more than accommodating to them.  That made the buying process much smoother.

Ginger knows the area well and is well connected through the community to find services and needs for any home.

Buying my house was a good experience.  Ginger worked with me each step of the way and made sure every last detail was taken care of.  Ginger will find the house for you.  She found out what I was looking for in a home and delivered several great choices. Ginger is patient.  It took me nearly six months to finally decide on a house, but she was patient with me the whole time, and encouraged me to take my time.

Seller / Buyer
Robin & Robert Wilson
1543 Beaucrest (Seller) / 2074 Jackson Way (Buyer)

I would refer Ginger to others.  She will do her best to make sure the buyer or the seller, in our case, both, are happy and she will do her best to get them what they want and need.
It was a very good experience.  Everything happened very quickly for us.  We had our home sold, and were in our new home within a month’s time.  Needless to say, it was a fast-paced experience for us, and we were very pleased with that.  Ginger was right there with us during the whole process.

Ginger really loves what she does, and it shows through the way she treats her Clients.  She will do all she can to make sure they are happy with the outcome of their selling or buying experience.  Ginger brought things to our attention that we never would have thought about, and gave very good suggestions about things as well.

She was very professional.  She would always take my phone calls (the many that I made to her), and would always call me back if I had to leave a message.  She would calm our fears, and answer all of our questions regarding the buying and selling of our homes.  It was very nice knowing you had someone there to take care of things for you.

Ginger went beyond the call of duty for us.  We were a couple of days from closing on the house we were selling, and had to have a few repairs made.  We were panicked, but Ginger pulled through for us by finding someone to make the repairs before the closing date.  I don’t know what we would have done without Ginger!!!  She was great.

Seller / Buyer
Candace & Curt Bowman
161 Sunset Ridge Lane (Seller) / 639 Mallard Landing Blvd. (Buyer)

Ginger is excellent to work with!  Selling a house is never fun, but Ginger was great and comforting.  She goes above and beyond.  She is honest and helps you every step of the way.

I have called her numerous times even after the sell and she is always helpful.

Linda & Art Fulton
383 Ada Lane

Most definitely (would refer her) and have done so.  Very professional, knows the market, and is very patient.  Listens to what exactly you are looking for and was willing to do whatever it took to satisfy us.

Buying our house here in NC, with her help, could’t have gone any smoother then it did.  When purchasing a new home in an area that you know nothing about you must rely on the realtor’s opinion.  Everything was as she said.  We love the area and our new house is great all because of her help!!

No one could ask to have a better person OR realtor on their side.  She is there to help every step of the way.  Ginger is great.  Fun to work with but at all times the most professional person representing her profession.

House hunting was fun but Ginger had to laugh and thought that we were really different when the first thing that we would consider about any of the houses was ‘WILL IT WORK FOR THE GIRLS’, (our dogs)!!  The yard was important, could it be fenced, was it large enough, are there any rules against having dogs.  Ginger finally realized that are dogs are like OUR children when they ate lunch in the office and rode in the truck to check out each house to see if it was the right one that they would like.

Brenda & Kevin Howard
208 Ada Lane

She makes looking for a home fun; she has an outstanding knowledge of the area.  And when you are moving from out of state to a new area, you need a person who can give you more than just showing you the houses that are available.

….buying a home with Ginger was great, she went out of the way to help us.  We were here for two short visits, we had to do a lot of communication via emails, photos and phone calls to work out all the details.  Ginger would run by the house and send us the most updated photos on a weekly basis, so we could see the progress on our home.

She will do more for you than just finding you your new home, Ginger will become more like a friend than a realtor.  She will do whatever is necessary to find the home of your dreams.  She will be there for you before, during and after the purchases. We would definitely work with Ginger again, if and when we sell our present home or buy a new one she will be the realtor for us!!

We make our first trip up to look at homes, we brought our friends with us, and had houses that we both wanted to look at, the only problem was that me and my friend like totally different style houses.  We had Ginger running all over town and we wanted houses close together, with big yards for our ‘girls’.  Then we would want to know how far from work each house was, by the end of the day we didn’t know left from right, up from down, but we had fun and found our new house.

The best thing I can say about Ginger is that she’s not just a realtor, she’s a friend!